The patient's blood is transported to Genomed S.A. in Warsaw. Since May 2015, Genomed S.A. has been the only laboratory in Poland performing non-invasive genetic prenatal testing in its own laboratory in Poland. That is why the SANCO test is the fastest NIPT test available all over the country.
Genomed S.A. participates successfully in the EMQN - European Molecular Quality Network - quality control in the field of non-invasive, prenatal genetic testing and is a laboratory recommended by the Polish Society of Human Genetics. The SANCO test is based on proven and accurate sequencing technology from Illumina, the world leader in next-generation sequencing. The test has a CE IVD certificate.
Genomed S.A. supports patients in further prenatal diagnostics.

  • For over 5 years, as the only laboratory in Poland, we have been performing non-invasive prenatal genetic testing (NIPT) on site.
  • We have already conducted about 30,000 NIPT tests for Polish patients.
  • We perform SANCO testing in a new, fully automated, high-throughput laboratory.
  • The SANCO test is based on the latest VeriSeq solution from Illumina - the world leader in next-generation sequencing.
  • The VeriSeq test is successfully used to implement national prenatal screening programs, for example in the Netherlands.
  • We have obtained EMQN certificates for the NIPT test we perform.
  • Our laboratory is recommended by the Polish Society of Human Genetics (PTGC).



Our laboratory is entered on the list maintained by the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians with positive recommendations of the Polish Society of Human Genetics. Genomed S.A. has international certificates of EMQN (European Molecular Quality Network) and Cystic Fibrosis Network, confirming the highest quality of the services, which guarantees the highest level of service and safety to our patients. According to a ranking published by a daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza in 2015, Genomed is the private diagnostic laboratory most recommended by specialists in Poland.
In our basic diagnostic offer, there are over 230 genetic tests, covering over 140 diseases. We also provide genetic counseling for our patients. On the top of that, we offer testing services based on the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, including multiple-gene panels developed as part of research and development projects, Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS).


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